Student Quotes

US Missionaries to Teen Challenge

Heather: "I think that the best way to describe what it did for me is like this:

arefully digging deep within myself
Really challenging my structured thoughts
Empowering the little girl inside me
Accepting myself and my unique ideas
Thinking outside the box
Encouraging all my shattered dreams"

Sapulpa, OK, WOMEN

"I heard the words "Creative Evangelism" floating around the center and I had no idea what to expect. Then on a sunny Friday afternoon, two hippies stole our free time and demanded our attention. The next 3 weeks was like gladiator school for creative evangelism. It was non-stop fun, laughing, learning and growing outside of our comfort zone. After the first few nights, I knew this was something that I wanted to be a part of, and realized this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I gave 100% effort because I knew the purpose was to teach us how to tell people about Jesus in a new, creative way. Throughout the weeks my confidence built as I realized certain talents I had, but I never experienced a safe place to try them out. Teen Challenge was that safe environment and Jim and Vicky Gross were the tools that God used to push me and expose those unknown talents. Creative Evangelism also brought unity to the students at Willamette Valley Training Center. I made friends and hung out with people that I normally never would have and that's because I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone. I have learned to evangelize to people through humor, through serious emotion, and through music. One of the things that stuck with me most about Creative Evangelism is how much unexposed talent there is in Teen Challenge. So many of the students have so much to offer, and we can use our talents to further God's kingdom. My goal now is to use these talents to tell people about God's forgiveness and love, and the work that he's doing in my life. The word evangelism used to scare me, but now that I have these tools in my evangelical arsenal, my fears are gone and I can't wait to bring people to Jesus Christ."

Jason Koland,
Currently TC intern,
Bend, OR, MEN

Cache, OK, MEN

Student Quotes

Jen: "Because you came and served us, we were able to go up to NYC and witness to hundreds of other people through our dance, skit and dramas. I know that because of what you've done for me that my life will never be the same. You have allowed me not only to see the spiritual gifts that God has given me, but the inspiration to go out and use them. You have helped me with the visions for my future. "

Ft. Myers, FL, WOMEN

Matt: "I gave my soul to the Lord Jesus while y'all were here thanks!"

Chris: "I havent had clean, sober fun like that for years! "

Ft. Myers, FL, MEN


Travis: "By the end of the first day, your relaxed style, methods and activities were already inspiring me and awakening creative passions that had been dormant in me for years; by the 2nd day I was sharing original poetry in front of the class! I've gotten a whole new perspective on myself and God's will for me.

Richard: "I have been in TC for 10 months and have not experienced this kind of project or searching of the inner self to impact others. This will make the difference in my life and in others forever."

Morgan: "I'm thankful that people have taken the opportunity to push me to my full potential! I've seen so many girls grow a profound passion for creativity that without the Gross' that kind of talent would have stayed locked up! Nobody enjoys being out of their comfort zone BUT the joy that greets you after you accomplish so much is AMAZING!"

"You guys have been here since I got here. At first I was all closed up but then I started to open up a little each time you guys came here. When I began opening up to the creative things y'all did with us, I started opening up during the times y'all weren't here."

Sharon: "Creative Arts has opened my heart up to all the things God can use me for! Ive never felt so alive besides this time with you guys! Being able to dance and sing and move my feet for the Lord has been just amazing! Keep on doing what youre doing it really does help and is also VERY therapeutic!"

Randy: "I loved the week with yall! I have opened up because I would never have gotten on the stage because I was scared to! Now I feel like even when things are tough, with my abilities and Gods help, anything is possible!"

Meansville, GA, BOYS

Jesup, GA, MEN & WOMEN

Samantha: "Creative Evangelism is extremely valuable to me because it really helps with the healing process. It pulls those emotions out and helps me process them. Its a good way to show that God redeems. For others it is a different, impacting and non-boring way to hear the work God has done and is doing. Creative Evangelism brings out talents I never knew I had and I get excited to see what new things are going to come about!"

Andrew: "We are able to see how the gifts and talents God gave us can be used in a powerful and effective way to reach out to others. Our whole group has been stretched and challenged to grow in so many areas. For those we reach it is something that helps us really captivate and speak right to the audience. When we take it to TC Centers it shows the TC students that God can use them and their gifts!"

Christy: "It's beneficial for EVERYONE!"

Carl: "Creative Evangelism is a great tool for me to dig deeper. I have seen myself praying more and searching my heart deeper to express my testimony. The value is priceless - anything that gives you insight into your heart and a new way to get people to come to Christ is awesome! "