Our Vision

US Missionaries to Teen Challenge

U.S. Missionaries to Teen Challenge

Jim & Vicky Gross

We are using our 40+ years of Ministry and Creative Arts experience
to further develop the gifts and talents of your Teen Challenge students for greater evangelism. We will work with them in the areas of Dance, Creative Writing, Acting, Music and Visual & Fine Arts for the purpose of Creative Evangelism.

We are Nationally Appointed US Missionaries to Teen Challenge and have been working with TC Centers since 2007.
What we are proposing, we have already seen work at TC Centers across America and Canada! Just to give 2 examples:
1. TC Oklahoma has taken CE to the Dominican Republic and Rwanda repeatedly and have had tremendous results of salvations during their street ministry events.
2. TC of Canada found that teams using CE have 2-3 times the results during their rallies in salvations, re-dedications, monthly partnerships and cash offerings than teams that do not use the CE program.

It is our experience that this new and innovative program will:
Increase the retention rate of your students
Deepen your students spiritual maturity, enthusiasm & passion
Develop team unity
Increase funding for your center
Spread the Gospel in a fresh, relevant and powerful way

We know that God has called us to carry this vision to all 200 TC Centers and He has given us a fresh idea for this hour! We look forward to assisting you in propelling your evangelism program to the next level through Creative Evangelism!