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"Jim and Vicky Gross are gifted at coming into a Teen Challenge Center and pulling from those students some of their interests and then building on that interest and TC Centers need their gifting and talents. These young people deserve the opportunity to get to share the gifts that God has endowed them with - they just don't know they have those gifts. Jim and Vicky are the ones to help cultivate and harvest those gifts among the some 7,000 students across America that are currently in the programs of Teen Challenge."

President, Global Teen Challenge

"From time to time there are really unique ministries that surface in the Teen Challenge family. One of those is the ministry of Jim and Vicky Gross, US Missionaries to Teen Challenge. They will bring a fresh approach to the discovery and utilization of the gifts and talents within the Teen Challenge students and I recommend them highly."

President, TC USA (2005-2010)

Executive Director,
Women at the Well,
Athens, TN, WOMEN

"Each year we host a banquet and it is one of our largest fundraisers. In the past, our students have shared testimonies and sang as a choir. After Jim and Vicky spent two weeks with our ladies it opened up a whole new program for us. God has gifted them in such an awesome way! They have a heart for Jesus, the students, and residential programs as a whole. Now we not only have a Spirit led program to present when we outreach, but we also have a tool to bring out the gifts and talents that God has given our students.This was such a blessing to us and the students that we invited them back for a second year and plan to book them for next year as well. When they are at the center they are respectful of the guidelines and rules of the center. They have a servants heart and attitude. Without any hesitation I would like to recommend them to your center."


Women At The Well,
Athens, TN, WOMEN

"I went around the house and asked all of the ladies, "what is the first word that comes to mind when I say creative evangelism?" I got all kinds of answers from expressive to freedom; rewarding to scary and outlet. Then one of the ladies asked me what my word would be. I said "Courageous." We stand in front of crowds of people that we do not know and sometimes even worse--people we do know. We spill our guts, telling of our past of sex, drugs and horrible abuse. We are finally able to do this with our heads held high, with a sense of giving hope instead of getting sympathy. We do this as mighty women of God, using our talents that we previously used for evil --doing it now for the glory of God. Creative Evangelism has changed this center, my life and most importantly these ladies outlook on ministering to others. We walk away from a church service proud and not pitiful, remembering where God has brought us from and giving others the answer on how to never go back."



"The Gross' have ministered at Teen Challenge Women's Home in Davie, FL this past year and they proved to be a tremendous blessing. They brought a relevant message to our group as well as sharing their talents in Worship. I have known Jim and Vicky since the early days of their ministry in the 1970's and it is evident that their passion for the Lord and vision to minister to others has continued to blossom! We are glad to write this letter of recommendation for this faithful couple."


Director, TC New Life GIRLS Christian Academy,
Lakeland, FL

"I am honored to recommend TC Missionaries Jim & Vicky Gross. As Fine Arts Coordinators they were able to coordinate, through their area of expertise, a program that incorporates the students' testimonies, dance, art, drama and music into a Broadway Quality Masterpiece. This new form of expression has helped open doors, influenced healing in the lives of our students and has helped the critical funding of our program through the Annual Banquet Fundraiser. Jim and Vicky are like a breath of fresh air, always smiling, eager to accomplish the next task and bringing so much experience for you to draw from! They're willingness to minister as Servant Leaders has contributed to the orderly running of my facility and are Valued and Welcomed Volunteers!"


OK Regional Adolescent Directors, GIRLS & BOYS

"New Life House and Brush Creek Youth Ranch, BOYS & GIRLS Creative evangelism is amazing!!! We had Jim and Vicky Gross at our centers here in Oklahoma last year. Our students were challenged to stretch themselves personally and spiritually in very unique ways, each one finding out new things about themselves. This unique method of creative ways to reach people with the gospel has inspired our students and those they have ministered to. We not only use these talents in the church services we do we have also used them on the mission field in the Dominican Republic and saw dozens come to Christ because of the testimonies given through the presentation of Reality Is. This stuff really works in the church and on the streets!"


TC OK New Lifehouse GIRLS & Brush Creek Youth Ranch BOYS

Missions trip report from Dominican Republic

"It just keeps getting better. Ministered to kids at a street outreach in El Ejido today. The boys were awesome with a skit and the girls dance got another encore. Walked the streets and prayed with everyone from police to prostitutes then to the corner where the coffee ministry takes place. Many children came forward and were prayed for - our team was fantastic and our kids jumped right in and prayed with them.REALITY IS we did every where there.. The prostitute street outreach got the biggest response... those girls and Brad did incredible and about a dozen adults all prostitutes or drug addicts made a commitment to Christ tonight! Victoria made me CRY... she FINALLY has forgiven herself... it kinda just hit her in the middle of doing it after fighting with me about not wanting to go up there. The spirit fell on her and by the end she had tears rolling down her face and added into her truths, "Hi my name is Victoria and that means victory" and totally claimed that on her life right there!! So incredible!"


REV. APRYL CORDRY, Director, TC Twin Cities GIRLS Academy, Fitchburg, MA

"Creative Evangelism brought forth a desire in our students to be used by God in ministering to others, and it fostered an atmosphere of unity and teamwork. Since their involvement with us we have seen our students continue to develop their God given talents through art, dance, drama, and testimony. It has now been over a year since Jim & Vicky Gross ran the workshop at our center and still we take every Friday morning for creative evangelism and have seen our students flourish. We are looking forward to having them join us again this fall for another creative evangelism workshop! If you invite them to your center you will not be disappointed. The Lord has anointed and called them to work with Teen Challenge students, interns, and staff for Creative Evangelism!"


TC Twin Cities GIRLS Academy, Fitchburg, MA

"We attended the Boston TC Outreach Rock-the-Block and performed a couple of our dances as well as Reality Is. It was awesome to see our girls participate in an Evangelism Experience like that. One of our girls wrote a testimonial rap about how her background and behavior affected her family. It was so touching to see and hear her transparency. I allowed her to share it with everyone b/c it was very cathartic.We recently had students from the TC Emerging Leaders College come and minister at the house. It was great to see the work that you did with them. Our girls were blessed and touched by the relevant testimonies and experiences that those kids had in common with them. I am so blessed to have been a part of what you two started here! These girls have learned valuable lessons from your teachings and are going to be able to have special experiences and memories they can carry for the rest of their lives. The fire you started here is still burning!"

DR. RODNEY HART, President, New England Teen Challenge

"I would like to wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of Jim and Vicky Gross. They bring with them years of pastoral experience combined with evangelistic fervor using their creative talent in music, art and drama to present the Gospel in a unique way."


Executive Dir., Emerging Leaders College, Jesup, GA

"The power of God falls everywhere we go! We look forward to doing ministry at every church, people are getting saved (over 50 TC students in one tour alone), pastors encouraged and the heart of TC is getting represented in a meaningful and powerful way. Not to mention the offerings always surprise us. We get excited about the possibility of TC Centers seeing the way you guys pull giftings out of the students. It's one thing to talk about it, but to see it is an entirely different experience! The truth is what you guys do is vital to the existence and future of our organization. So I'm promoting you guys as hard as I can, because God has called me to this ministry and I want to see TC be here for another 50 years."


Executive Director,
Program Manager/Intake

"After attending Jim & Vicky's course on Creative Evangelism at the National Conference in Branson, MO, we immediately knew this was an effective component for our mens' & womens' centers. They came last summer and rallied our troops before embarking on mission trip to partner with Long Island Teen Challenges Rock the Block outreach to NYC. Jim & Vicky were amazing at drawing out and employing gifts & talents from our students, helping them to create their own dramas, testimonials, and poetry. One of our students, Jennifer Seipel, expressed: "I cannot say enough about what Jim & Vicky's ministry cultivated within me; the gifting of dance & drama to glorify God while allowing me to express myself in a creative and healthy manner." We believe that Creative Evangelism plays a significant role in taking His heart to the world! "



"I have had the privilege of working with Jim and Vicky while at ELC and when they came to Southwest Florida Teen Challenge. We started off our first week of ELC with Creative Evangelism and all of us were complete strangers. Throughout the week they helped each of us discover our God given talents, they took us out of our comfort zone, and rely on God! By the end of the week the Holy Spirit helped us create a powerful 30 min. service and these strangers now truly felt like my brothers and sisters. We took this on the road to many other Teen Challenge centers and Churches, and the response was incredible. God has never used me like this before! Now I work for Southwest Florida Teen Challenge, and when I heard that Jim and Vicky were coming here to work with our men center I could not have been more excited. In the week the men's center were learning Creative Evangelism I saw some amazing things happening: walls being broken, gifts being discovered, and a unity on this campus that was awesome. It's been almost a year and we are still using what was created that week. It has been presented to churches and Outreaches all over Southwest Florida. I am truly thankful for Jim and Vicky Gross' Ministry."


Executive Director,
Willamette Valley, Shedd, OR, MEN

"Reported by Jeanie Wenning after the National TC Board met at Willamette Valley TC inShedd, OR
Chris Hodges came up to Ron after the Willamette Valley TC men ministered and said 5 of the board members had related to him that it was the best presentation they had ever seen at a Teen Challenge. One woman mentioned she had heard that Jim and Vicky Gross had been working with the men. She actually is a writer and publishes stories and asked one of the men if she could have his permission to use a couple of his phrases. She told Austin and John to keep writing and send her stories after they graduate. She said its VERY rare to have that many writers!"


TC Director (1996-2010) MEN

"A key component with Jim and Vicky is the term Creative Evangelism! They believe
that every student entrusted through the doors of TC is and can be a minister to
minister effectively in a creative means to share and hopefully reproduce their faith and
impact powerfully others in the community, the church and the surrounding area. Jim
and Vicky will help you get there with this principle of Creative Evangelism."


LOREN SHREFFLER Assistant Director, Sonrise Ranch TC MEN, Cache, OK

"Recently we had Jim and Vicky Gross at our facility to implement Creative Evangelism. They were like a breath of fresh air. During their week with us they helped our students find gifts and talents lying dormant in their lives. They were able to help us form a service crew equipped with on stage painting, poetry, and live music. One other student began to sculpt again, and his art pieces are now in homes all over the state. Thank you Jim and Vicky for your service and dedication to the men, women, boys and girls of Teen Challenge."


REV. DAVID W. RUTLEDGE, Director, WFL TC BOYS Ranch, Bonifay, FL

"This is a letter of recommendation for Jim and Victoria Gross. They have served with West FL TC Boys Ranch in various capacities for six weeks. We have been blessed by their heart and ministry for Jesus and the boys responded well to their ministry! We found them to be Christ-centered, Biblically sound and Spirit-filled! They're strongest giftings are in the areas of evangelism, outreach and music and they were well received by staff who worked with them."